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Majestic Bharat is a beautiful outcome of several ideas that are put together to bring life as One Powerful Dream.
The Dream of Celebrating Culture and Versatility of India to the People all Over the Globe.

We Are The Showman Of the Nation Showcasing Through Events!

The Journey started in the year July, 2015 with a small team to execute and curate a Destination Dealers Meet of Corporate Company for 200 people. The Event was Ideated, Planned and was Executed well and was Highly Appreciated by Our Client. The success of the Event gave the Team a Boost and an Encouragement to continue further. We never looked back ever after.

But we must say the journey was quite a roller-coaster ride initially. The Effort, Passion and Hard-Work we had put together in the Team Work has made us Strong and an Efficient Team. Majestic Bharat raised the bar of Quality-Work Ten Notches High. We bagged several Milestones since 2016.

We are ready to explore the Innovative Ideas to Explode the World of Entertainment, Media & Indian Talent. The Investors & Sponsors are Welcome to be a Part of it.

Majestic Bharat comprises of Dynamic, Young and Passionate Team of Event Management, Advertising & Productions. This is the team of Creative-led Enthusiasts who are specialized in Creating Innovative, Sophisticated and Cutting-Edge Events and Advertising Content.

We truly believe: "Well-Planned Events and Well-thought out Advertisements (Ad-Films) and produce memories that create life-long impressions". The experiential team of Majestic Bharat uses its rich-knowledge by understanding the world of Art, Culture, Entertainment and at the same time the Market position and we weave it into an Unforgettable Event and much Appreciated Ad-Film for our clients.

Our Vision

To evolve the Entertainment Industry by spreading the Indian culture. We aim to showcase the Indian talent to the world with a perfect blend of creativity and hard work.

Our Mission

To give A Memory for Life-Time to Our Clients. We want Our Clients to Dream & Fantasize as big as possible for their Best Moments in life, and Majestic Bharat is there to Fulfill Our Client's Dream with Mesmerising & Awestruck Memories.

Our Values

We feel Relations are the Best Assets and hence work hard to Create Valuable Relationships with our Clients. We aim at creating memorable experiences that spell perfection in every aspect.

5- Values of Majestic Bharat






Our Founders

Shikha Deb Choudhury

The Founder of Majestic Bharat & A True Artist.

The Foundation of the Majestic Bharat was made with her guidance. Her contribution to the Company has made Majestic Bharat Stand Proud today.
Her Love & Passion for Music has taken her to the heights of Success and Fame in her own Career. The degree of MA in Music & B-Ed has given her the chance to be a Teacher, where she has been loved & adored by her Students & Principals.
She was An All India Radio Singer, The Best Theatre Actress Award Winner & The Most Creative Cultural Program Curator Title Achiever (1989-2009 Port Blair & Kolkata).
Her Journey of Music, Dance & Theatre Culture started way back in 1970, but she professionally acquired her Fame since 1985. With a Professional Experience of 33 Years, she has become a Legend in her field of Creativity
Shikha Deb Choudhury is the Backbone of Majestic Bharat.
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The Visionary, The Path Finder & Co-founder of Majestic Bharat.

She believes in achieving her own Dreams and making others Dream Come True. She is very Enthusiastic, a Motivator and a true Patriot.
Her Journey of leadership started in the year 1998 when she was in school. She has always been a Passionate, Strong Headed Go-getter & also wanted to experience all sectors of life to gain
maximum knowledge and exposure, which helped her in taking the right decisions at the right time. She is not afraid of being fallen, instead accepts challenges in life, for her it only teaches her and directs her towards the goal.
Her Father was from the Indian Army & her Mother was a School Teacher in Arts & Culture. She grew up among the midst of Music, Theatre, Dance, Stage, and Audience. Her experience since then has made her a Marvel in the field of Creativity.
Priyana has High-Spirited Personality and is also a very Down to Earth person. She Dreams Big and Motivates others to never stop dreaming big.
She Aims to Promote Indian Talent & Indian Culture to the World and share the Versatility of its Rich Heritage.
Majestic Bharat is Tree of Art, Culture, Events & Media, under which the Talent is nurtured and shared to the world.
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Why Do You Need Us?

Most people would provide a long list of reasons for why we, the event planners, are important. Well, we could come up with a longer list, but we choose to provide just one. We take your fun seriously!

We, at majestic Bharat, know it takes as much energy to wish for something as it does to plan. Our know-how and innovative spirit helps us put together a unique event for you. And no, it doesn’t just stop at that. Here are 5 reasons why you need us?


As seasoned event planners, we share cordial working relationships with vendors, suppliers and others involved in the chain of event planning. This helps us put together events that are low in cost yet larger than life....Read More

Experience & knowledge

Field knowledge help us identify areas with highest risk and prevent the same in every possible way. Our experience helps us call in the right and reliable network of suppliers. Our expertise, experience and knowledge help us make your event flawless....Read More


Confirmation, follow ups, reservations, arrangements and cross check-ups are few of the endless list of tasks that need to be done on time before an event. As professionals, we dedicatedly take care of everything to ensure a smooth flow of your events. As clients, it may not be possible for you to manage everything amidst your work, personal/family life....Read More


The high risks of ‘could happens’ and ‘could go wrongs’ in your event may pile up stress, preventing you from enjoying the big event. As event planners, we take over all your stress, leaving you to do nothing but enjoy the occasion....Read More


As event planners, we know marketing is the key to reaching masses. We how to use various tools, connections and knowledge successfully to make your event visible and noticeable to a wider set of audience....Read More

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